Kombornia Manor Hotel & SPA - boutique hotel in the historic manor unit

Kombornia Manor can be traced back to the 16th century. The Manor has a style and elegance which has partly changed over the centuries, mirroring the trends and functuality of the times. Kombornia, however, has always retained its beauty and comfort. It is one of the best preserved residential units in Podkarpacie. It covers an area of 10 hectares, where there is four-star luxury hotel and with extensive infrastructure including SPA, Wellness and Conference and Banquet Center.

Dwór Kombornia Hotel & SPA

A manor in Polish tradition is a specific phenomenon. The term, meaning of which had been forming for centuries, streches much further than just the physical dimension of the structures. A manor was seen as a natural enclave, a safe microcosm creating the perfect conditions for work, leisure, social activities and the ideal place for important celebrations. It also personified the longing for peaceful harmony which enables people to recognize what is truly important in life. It is a getaway, where time is in our favour when we seek shelter, rest, when we need inspiration or rebuild our strength to remain an opimist who gets over obstacles with a smile.

Kombornia Manor today still functions in accordance with these notions. In historical borders of a manor complex is a space with splendid inspiring atmosphere enchancing efective leisure, regaining vitality as well as physical and mental balance. As it ever was, today it still is an evclusive refuge - stylish, yet cosy at the same time. The Manor offers its guests the favours, aromas and experiences for which they do not have time amidst the everyday rush. You shall find these in the aromas of the orchard and gardens, in the beauty of the historical interiors and the flavours of our excellent cousine. You will relax during the rituals of a variety of therapies based on the ancient medicine of the Far East. Futhrermore, in Kombornia Manor you will find all you may seek in a true SPA including athletic recovery and cosmetic beauty care technologies.

Luxury SPA Hotel, from which is only a step in the Bieszczady.

Bieszczady - T. Okoniewski


Location of Manor Kombornia on the edge of the Czarnorzecko-Strzyżowskiego Landscape Park, in the Low Beskid, makes it an excellent starting point for expeditions, globe to discover cultural heritage of people, tourist attractions and natural of Podkarpacie.

Distances from Kombornia Manor Hotel & SPA

to the nearest Polish-Slovak border crossing (Barwinek - Vyąný Komárnik) - 40 km
to the nearest Polish-Ukrainian border crossing (Medyka – Шeгини) - 96 km
- others: Krosno 9 km, Iwonicz 21 km, Rymanów 21 km, Dukla 24 km, Bóbrka 24 km, Sanok 37 km, Rzeszów 50 km, Solina 68 km, Przemyśl 82 km, Lwów 176 km.