The plan of the Manor complex

The term "manor" was used to describe the whole residential complex in connection with the farm and village. It literally meant a complex of residential and farm structures with their surroundings. The central building of the complex, occupied by the owner, was described as "Masters house" or shortly "house".Today's appearance of this building is an effect of hundreds of years of modifications and the efforts made in recent years, to in its unique atmosphere guests would find true relaxation and rest. Accommodation in the monuments, mansions, palaces and monasteries is also a kind of journey to meet with the spirit of past times, their beauty and aesthetics.


Plan of the Manor Complex

To help you with the orientation below is the plan, which present manor-park in Kombornia, and clicking on tabs  you can see the description of individual buildings and their former and current functions.

Dwór Kombornia Hotel & SPA - plan

The Masters House

The Masters House – SPA Hotel

Bringing the splendor back to Kombornia we took special efforts to retain the character of the interior as it used to be.

Kombornia Manor Hotel & SPA **** - The representative ground floor Rooms

When you cross the threshold of the Manor House itself, your eyes are drawn to the magnificent 150 year old Bechenstein grand piano and also the impressive warm tile furnace.  Both are fitting introductions to what lies ahead during your stay .... elegance and grandeur. The space is further shaped by an en suite structure showing the guest several Rooms: Dining Room, Coffee Room, Tea Room and Gentlemans' Room. As far as the room names are concerned the first three apply to the function of the rooms while the fourth rquires some further explanation. In the past, when guests finished the dinner and left the tables, the host along with male guests would gather Gentlemans' Room in order not to irritate the ladies with tobacco smoke during political discussions or card and billiards games. Later, the ladies joined the smoking company but the name of the room remained unchanged..

Kombornia Manor Hotel & SPA **** - Manor hotel rooms on the floor

Leaving ground floor we go up a flight of stairs into the first floor where, in a setting virtually unchanged, are the private rooms of former owners as well as guest rooms. The only change to which the rooms have been subjected in the course of time is the construction of bathrooms, which the former owner could not enjoy in their time. All bedrooms at Kambornia are en suite with the decorative emphasis being on both style and elegance. The welcoming and high trained staff will provide a service second to none, all aimed at making your stay at Kambornia truly memorable.

Kombornia Manor Hotel & SPA **** **** - SPA and hotel rooms in South Wing

Southern wing was established in two stages. The Manor House is adjoined by what, historically, was referred to as the Manorial Back Premises. The Back Premises lay adjacent and separate to the Manor House until late 19th century when both buildings were connected to form one distinct structure. Historically, the back-premises have functioned as kitchen and as accommodation for people managing the manor. The functions remained unchanged today with only the room being now designated not for the manorial officials byt for our Guests.

In the course of renovation works held from 2007 to 2009, the back-premises have been extended by a new wing which is now the home of the cosmetic part of SPA Kombornia Manor. Here, in specially designed interiors, You may explore for yourself the exotic world of oriental rituals that work to preserve your health and build internal and external beauty. On the first floor are the hotel rooms.

The interior design of the rooms and bathrooms in the South Wing is a designer proposition of a stylish citation in a modern form. These rooms are prepared for people who prefer to relax in modern interiors.



Kaplica domowa dworu w Komborni to niemal 10 metrowej wysokości wieża stanowiąca główną dominantę architektoniczną. Założona na planie ośmioboku nakryta jest kopułą z latarnią w zwieńczeniu. Ufundowana została przed rokiem 1890 przez ówczesną właścicielkę.

Jednoprzestrzenne wnętrze zdobią pilastry w każdym narożu oraz półkoliście zwieńczona wnęka ołtarzowa. Oprócz elementów architektonicznych z jej oryginalnego wystroju i wyposażenia zachował się jedynie srebrzony krucyfiks.

W Kaplicy, po uzyskaniu stosownych pozwoleń,  mogą się odbywać prywatne śluby i inne ceremonie religijne.


 Outbuilding – Guest Rooms

Outbuilding we find on a small hill on northeast, 100 meters from the main building of the mansion. As an annex it was built in the eighteenth century on another, the existing at this point building, as evidenced by two barrel vaulted stone cellars situated obliquely to the current projection of the object. While it survived to our times, a considerable degree of devastation caused that its renovation was completed in the second stage - in the spring of 2011.
After renovation Outbuilding retained their erstwhile functions of living. Here you will find comfortable accommodations in a cozy guest rooms. Among them are specially prepared rooms - studios, designed for artists (musicians and painters). The interior rooms, equipped according to the standard required for a four-star facilities, are dominated by warm colors.

The Satable

The Stable – Conference and Banquet Centre

The stable is the only building totally changed from its original function. Nowadays it is The Conference Centre of Kombornia Manor. The building offer: 700 m2 space, ball room, modular, high tech equipped multi-function rooms (up do 300 people) with a comfortable foyer, catering space and a dance floor.

The stable area has been organised as a space suitable for training sessions, conferences and for more social occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays etc

On the first floor, the adaptation of which ended in the spring of 2014, there are cozy rooms of Carpathian Guest House. The colors and interior design of the guest rooms are inspired by wine and chocolate.


 Orangery – Wellness Zone

The orangery has been specially built, based on historic examples from other Manor complexes in the region .The orangery is the recreational part of the spa, where the combination of extra glass windows and a higher temperature is beneficial to the growth of orchids, or more importantly, for our guests wanting to tend to "sanitas per aqua".

The orangery houses saunas (dry, steam and infrared), swimming pool equipped with massage jets, waterfalls, air massage beds, paddling pool with counter-current and a Jacuzzi. The orangery is also home to a fitness gym, furnished with equipment and also a salt cave.

An underground connection between the Manor and the spa provides a relaxing stroll in ones dressing gown.

The Granary

The Granary

The granary have been overlooked in the first phase of the renovation, due to their historic monument status. It is a scenic ruin at the moment but, in the future, will become a wine cellar and the Kombornia wine collection can be savoured in its own designated wine tasting space.



The park has over 800 varieties of trees within an area of 12 hectares. It has the character of a scenic park created around the end of the 19th century. Restoration works in the park have brought walking paths, flower beds and lawns back to their former glories. The fishing ponds have once again been filled with fish, and the orchard revitalised with cherries, plums, apples and pears. Strawberries and raspberries are also being cultivated.
In the old vegetable garden, under the watchful eye of the gardener, fresh vegetables will again be grown for the kitchen. All will be welcomed to our flower and herbal aromatherapy garden, perhaps the wine connoisseur hoping to train the sensory memory. The whole park area will be furnished with recreational equipment, Kneipp's path and tennis courts. A picnic area, childrens playground and zen garden have also been planned for the park.