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We invite you to the authorized office BABOR Cosmetics. In this unique place, where through the hands and beauticians and professional competence of the beneficial effect of exclusive BABOR cosmetics, you will experience not only luxurious care but also a harmonious relaxation bringing the perfect mood.
BABOR is a pioneer in professional skin care. More than half a century Babor has been active on the current market and constantly perfecting the effectiveness of cosmetics in the direction of precise  solving all problems related to beauty and beauty of the skin.

Spectacular successes in this area meant that BABOR is a leader in the field of exclusive cosmetics and wellness care.

Products of the luxury brand combines the best natural active ingredients with the latest global developments in science. Therefore, all the cosmetics brand BABOR contain exclusive ingredients of plant origin refined in their own labs - to your skin can enjoy the beauty and youthful glow!
We offer you a wide range of treatments for individual skin needs and requirements.


  • ChocoWine SPA Kombornia Manor in 2015 was awarded as the best tourist product of Podkarpacie region.
  • 2015 - Kombornia Manor Hotel & SPA has been awarded PLACE worth recommending Gala 25th anniversary of Bio-Cosmetics - the sole distributor of the German cosmetics firm BABOR in Polish.


Name Description beauty treatment
Vita Balance Deep Moist Complex/ Lipid Plus
(60 min./ price 220 PLN)
Comprehensive care designed for dry skin lacks moisture or low in fat. It provides the necessary substances to sustain appropriate levels of fat and moisture: pure oxygen, pomegranate extract, hyaluronic acid low and high molecular weight, argan oil, extract solirodu herbaceous. Rebalances the economy hydrolipidic skin, gives elasticity and smoothness.
Revitalizing Oxygen Treatment
(60 min./ price 220 PLN)
Care provides intense dose of energy and moisture and revitalizing the skin dry and low in moisture. An additional dose of oxygen, stimulates and accelerates regeneration processes, protecting the skin from harmful external factors.
Fluids FPEffect Treatment
(60 min./ price 220 PLN)
Intensive moisturizing treatment, recommended for dry skin and tired on the basis of three active ingredient concentrates. It supports binding of moisture in the skin, regulates water, refreshes and improves the appearance of the skin.
Complex C
(60 min./ price 220 PLN)
+ algae mask (Firming Algae Mask)
(90 min./ price 280 PLN)

Rich in nutrients vitamin care revitalizing and rejuvenating. Supports the synthesis of collagen, protects against free radicals. Moisturizes, soothes and restores firmness.

The algae mask stimulates microcirculation in the skin and cellular metabolism. Moisturizes and provides valuable minerals and active substances.

Mimical Control
(60 min./ price 240PLN)
Therapy eliminating tension, smoothing wrinkles and regenerating the skin. Active ingredients - stem cells from Rhododendron Alpine and peptide Mimical Control provide the skin with a new dose of energy, retain moisture and improve its metabolism and flexibility, so that a smile made a pleasure every day.

3D Lifting Treatment
(60 min./ price 260 PLN)

 + mask Ultra Comfort Modelage Mask
(90 min./ price 390 PLN)

 Skin lacking firmness and elasticity, indicated for mature and demanding regeneration. Effectively improves the contour of the face, tones and strengthens skin cells, tightens and smoothes wrinkles. Visible skin rejuvenation and in three dimensions.

Ultra Comfort Mask Modelage through okluzyjnemu action enhances the absorption of active substances, it supports the modeling of facial contours and lifting effect.
Gold Morocco
(60 min./ price 240 PLN)

Firming and improving skin elasticity. It strengthens the network of collagen fibers, intensely nourishes the skin, regulates lipid skin. Argan oil obtained from the fruit of the argan tree was called "Gold of Morocco" reinforces the natural protective layer of the skin, protecting it against free radicals.

Anti Couperose
(60 min./ price 260 PLN)

Care sensitive skin prone to couperose. Aescin - an extract of horse chestnut strengthens the walls of blood vessels, effectively reducing the redness and prevents their formation. Allantoin and panthenol soothe irritation, provide skin delicate appearance and uniform color.

Calming Sensitive
(60 min./ price 220 PLN)
Care treatment for skin wrażliwej.Intensywnie and long-term moisturizes, soothes and prevents their formation, regulates lipid and strengthens the natural protective barrier.
Triple Booster Treatment
(60 min./ price 260 PLN)
Care strongly stimulating designed for tired skin that requires regeneration. Intensely stimulates regeneration processes of the skin, it stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, giving smoothes out skin tone and radiance.
Collagen Biomatrix
(60 min./ price 260 PLN)
Treatment for all skin types. Concentrate of active substances moisturizes and helps to bond the moisture in the skin. The collagen patch prevents irritation, soothes and calms the skin. Clearly reduces skin roughness and decreases the profile of wrinkles.
Advanced Biogen
(60 min./ price 220 PLN)
Harmonious skin care tired and requires regeneration. Included in the ointment: retinol, extract with cleansing and innovative complex Biogen Plant Extract effectively activate skin metabolism, smooth and firm, stimulate regeneration processes in the skin, stimulate the creation of new cells.

Purifying Anti-Aging
(60 min./ price 220 PLN)

+ mask Detoxifying Clay Mask Peel - Off
(90 min./ price 280 PLN)

Revitalizing contaminated skin care, improves fitness and blood circulation while combating pollution. It regulates the secretion of sebum, pulls pores, moisturizes and protects against dryness. Treatment dedicated tired skin with a tendency to loss of firmness.
Purifying Peel Off Mask with green clay binds pollutants, antibacterial, moisturizes and detoxifies through the occlusion enhances the absorption of active substances.

Perfect Combination
(60 min./ price 220 PLN)

+ mask Detoxifying Clay Mask Peel - Off
(90 min./ price 280 PLN)

Perfect Care combination and oily skin. It reduces the production of sebum, moisturizes the skin, reduces pores and mats. By combining Sebuconu, bamboo powder, extract of witch hazel and lentil preparation "recognize" problem areas and restores the skin a uniform appearance. The skin regains its soft matte appearance, uniform color, clarity and delicacy.
Purifying Peel Off Mask with green clay binds pollutants, antibacterial, moisturizes and detoxifies through the occlusion enhances the absorption of active substances.

(60 min./ price 120 PLN)

Care treatment designed for the young and contaminated skin. Stabilizes the glands responsible for the secretion of sebum. It soothes and prevents new inflammations.

Sensational Eyes
(30 min./ price 70 PLN)

 The beauty in the blink of an eye. Special, luxurious care allows to conserve the beauty of sensitive skin around the eyes. It strengthens the network of collagen fibers, smooths wrinkles, reduces dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. The eyes take on a youthful glow.

 HSR LIFTING skincare and anti-aging at the highest level.

Every day, the company laboratories Babor looking for new active ingredients to continually improve products and increase their effectiveness. As a result of these efforts was made HSR® Lifting Integral Complex, excellent composition of three highly effective active ingredients that allow you to get a comprehensive anti-wrinkle effect. Glyco-Stop works on wrinkles from the inside by preventing the glycation of collagen fibers. Multitendyna activates the skin rebuild collagen and elastin fibers, thus strengthening their network and significantly improves facial contours. Liftolution creates on the skin surface an invisible layer of mesh structure that instantly smoothes wrinkles and is responsible for the immediate effect mikroliftingu. The skin for a long time becomes firmer and visibly smoother. The perfect interaction of active ingredients makes the passage of time does not leave marks on your skin.

Name Description beauty treatment

HSR Lifting Skin Energy
(60 min./ price 330 PLN)

+mask HSR Lasting Lift
(90 min./cena 390 PLN)

Care Lifting and anti-aging at the highest level. It improves the structure of the upper layers of the skin and connective tissue and stimulates the microcirculation. Provides multi-dimensional lifting effect, intensively smooths wrinkles. It leaves the skin smooth and supple.

Mask stimulates the production of new collagen fibers and elastin. Instantly smoothes wrinkles, protects collagen fibers against glycation.

HSR Ekspress Lift
(45 min./ cena 280 PLN)

Instant lifting treatment for every skin type. It provides multi-dimensional lifting effect, smooths wrinkles, slows the aging process. Perfect treatment banquet or in the improvement of humor for every woman.

DOCTOR BABOR synergy of medicine and science for the sake of the beauty and youth.

Despite the passage of years, we feel more and more younger spirit and we want our appearance and is responsible spirit. Modern cosmetics "high tech" developed in close cooperation with BABOR specialist plastic surgery Dr. Königiem is a unique line of cosmetics combining the latest trends in aesthetic medicine with sześdziesięcioletnim experience in the use of the most effective ingredients in skin care preparations.

Name Description beauty treatment

DOCTOR BABOR Skin Treatment Collagen Booster Ultimate Face Lifting
(90 min./ price 420 PLN)

Intensive, non-invasive care effectively eliminating the signs of aging, strongly smoothing and restoring skin firmness. Lifting effect. Care designed for all skin types.

DOCTOR BABOR Derma Cellular Ultimate Vitamin C Treatment.
(60 min./ price 260 PLN)

Intensive care skin regenerating and revitalizing. Restores firmness dull, overstretched skin, provides effective protection against free radicals, and gives it a uniform color and shine.

DOCTOR BABOR Derma Cellular Ultimate A16
(60 min./ price 260 PLN)

 The spectacular regeneration of the skin 16 times more effective than retinol. A16 concentrate intensely and comprehensively stimulates the renewal process of the skin, effectively preventing oxidative damage to DNA. It stimulates cellular activators, so that accelerates regeneration of skin cells. Supplies and binds moisture to the skin, tones and strengthens.

 BABOR Treatments Express

Name Description beauty treatment
Relaxing Lavender Mint
(30 min./ price 120 PLN)
Soothing facial care. Moisturizes and strengthens irritated skin. Strengthens its natural protective barrier.
Energizing Lime Mandarin
(30 min./ price 120 PLN)
Revitalizing facial. Provides the skin with moisture, it helps to remove toxins from the skin, improves blood circulation. With a concentrated dose of energy pure oxygen, the skin regains its smoothness and elasticity.
Balancing Cashmere Wood
(30 min./ price 120 PLN)
Firming and regenerating facial care. Strengthens the collagen fiber network, restore the skin's firmness and elasticity. Regulates lipid. The skin regains its smoothness and healthy appearance.

BABOR MEN exclusive skin care man

Name Description beauty treatment
Babor Men Energy Release Face
60 min./ price 260 PLN 
The treatment relaxing and revitalizing facial skin. Massage - scrub brushes deeply cleanses, refreshes and smoothes. The concentrate of biologically active substances Taurec of Siberian ginseng, taurine and hops soothes skin tension, soothes redness and irritation caused by shaving. Spot a face massage brings deep relaxation. The procedure eliminates the signs of aging, smoothes wrinkles and moisturizes.
Babor Men The treatment for Businessman
60 min./ price 220 PLN
60 min./ price 220 PLN
Moisturizing treatment or regeneration for stressed and tired skin. Massage Babor Men activates skin functions, and supports the synthesis of collagen. The treatment moisturizes, regulates lipid, restores the skin's smoothness and elasticity.

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