Massage is one of the oldest medical areas of knowledge.

Dwór Kombornia Hotel & SPAOriginates from India and China, where in ancient times the priests recommended its use in religious rituals during the meeting. Already in 1800 BC Indians in their Book of Wisdom give precise instructions to do massage.

With time, the massage ceased to be just a part of religious ritual, and became a field of medicine. At the time of Hippocrates, Galen and Celsus we can find a mention of the recommended massage. That massage was treated for sciatica sufferers Julius Caesar.

In Greece, the massage was especially important for athletes taking part in the Olympic Games. The anointing and rubbing the body by oil by the Greek Olympic athletes were the first treatments of which originated in classical massage.

Thai massages

Thai massages have many centuries of tradition (according to some sources 2500 years). Their contemporary form has been moulded by Indian and Chinese influences as a collage of Hatha Yoga, reflexology, acupressure and meditation. Owing to that unusual combination, the massage holistically improves physical, spiritual and intellectual condition.

Name Description
(60 min/price 260PLN)
This massage is a form of passive yoga. WAT-PO is a mixture of acupressure, stretching and pressure. During the procedure a masseuse uses the whole hand, elbows and feet. By performing deep presses on Sen points (meridians) the masseuse releases the energy, allowing its correct flow. This massage helps to relax and stretch the muscles, tones internal organs, helps to keep the back straight, gives more flexibility to joints, deeply cleanses the body and brings full relaxation. The massage is performed in a dry environment, in comfortable robes on Tatami mats on the floor. By bringing energetic balance, the massage heals and improves the condition of the whole body. The massage is based on strong and deep presses so it is recommended for those who prefer strong techniques.

(60 min/price 200 PLN)
(30 min/price 110 PLN)

The massage with basalt stones is an ancient massage technique. It originates from the Far East. Some sources claim that also the Mayas were using this technique. Massage with stones is deeply relaxing and enables us to get rid of the stress accumulated within us. It gives our body harmony, balance and peace. It invigorates sensory receptors, helps to fight "orange peel" effect, removes joint and muscle The warmth of the stones used for this massage penetrates the body to heal deeper tissues.
(45 min/price 180PLN)
This massage is performed using a variety of bamboo sticks and warm oil. Vibrating movement combined with gentle pressing and squeezing works perfectly for modelling, relaxing and draining the body. The massage has a quick and long lasting effect on circulation improvement, stress reduction and muscle flexibility enhancement. It results in fast and effective vitality regeneration.
(40 min/price 140PLN)
Feet are the reflexology map of the whole body. Through an acupressure massage, with a wooden stick, all internal organs are stimulated. The areas being massaged in this procedure are feet soles toes, ankles and calves. This massage gives an absolute feeling of internal comfort and relaxation. Performed in the morning,, gives energy and invigorates, whereas, done in the evening, it relaxes and helps falling asleep. It is said to provide wonderful dreams.

Japanese massages

The tradition of massage in Japan is over 1000 years old. Japanese massage activates the Chi energy in the body and improves its circulation.

 Name  Description

(60 min/price 250 PLN)

Shiatsu is the art of healing with touch (shi - finger, atsu - to press). In Japanese shiatsu also means "to press with thumbs". In the modern shiatsu also hands, elbows, knees and even feet are used. This type of massage is widely popular in USA and Western Europe. Shiatsu brings the flow of Yin and Yang energies within the body into harmony. These are opposing energies. Yin (-) is the energy of Earth flowing from feet to head while Yang (+) is the energy of stars, space and the whole universe flowing from the head to feet. Any imbalance in the flow of these energies, their excess or lack is according to Far East masters a source of illnesses. This massage is conducted on special Tatami mats made of rice straw covered with a smooth, silky and fragrant Igusa grass plait. With the Shiatsu massage we vanquish our stress, soothe the nerves, boost our vitality and prevent illnesses. Shiatsu also cures headaches, migraines, back spasms, blood pressure disorders, obesity, rheumatic pains. In a state of deep relaxation created with the warm hands of our therapists the body unleashes its hidden reserves to cure and heal. Shiatsu is also a wonderful therapy for those who feel great because after this massage they will feel even better...

(45 min/price 150 PLN)

This is a traditional Japanese massage. The Samurai and Far Eastern warriors after combat used the method of rhythmic whipping themselves with a bunch of bamboo sticks for a fast and effective recovery. The bamboo whisks are used to whip, stroke and squeeze the whole body in a varied rhythm. This massage is recommended after intensive physical workouts as well as after great intellectual efforts.
The procedure invigorates and stimulates the whole body. The rhythmical sound of bamboo whisks hitting the skin leads to a state of deep relaxation, soothes the nerves and aids the treatment of insomnia. This massage improves micro circulation and metabolism. It is an ideal treatment for people with swelling tendencies, with water balance deficiencies, stressed and fatigued. It is recommended for both men and women.

(45 min/price 160 PLN)

Amma means to press and stretch - these are the literal meanings of two Chinese letters forming the word amma. This type of massage arrived in Japan from China where it has been in use for over 1000 years. Amma is the oldest form of massage known in Japan, being the ancestor of shiatsu and for a long period of time the only officially recognized massage in the country. Amma is also called "acupuncture without needles". It focuses on over 140 points situated on all meridians (energetic channels). This massage stimulates the nervous and vascular systems. After just one massage a vast improvement of the overall wellbeing is clearly noticeable. Amma enhances self consciousness, and allows one to understand their body and mind. Through balancing the inner energies it influences the body. The Amma massage is performed in a seating position on a specially designed comfortable chair. It consists of a sequence of techniques called "Kata" repeated it a set order. The only condition in which this massage is not recommended is pregnancy.

Japanese rice peeling-massage
(30 min./price 100 PLN)

Cleanses and brightens the skin. Makes it more elastic. Improves blood circulation, relaxes the body. The skin becomes silky and ready for the benefits of oils and cosmetics.

Indian massages (Ajurweda)

Ajurweda – the art of living – is knowledge about healthy living, originating from ancient India. Ajurweda is based on a presumption that in everything that exists there is energy. This energy is called pranah in Sanskrit Everyone has three types of pranah; Vata, Pitta and Kaph in an individual and unique combination. Losing the balance between these energies is the cause of our illnesses. The aim of the procedures is to bring back the harmonious flow of energy, providing physical vitality, emotional and spiritual balance. Oils are contained in Ajurweda which react with nerves in the skin removing toxins and calming it down. What is more, the massages activate the immune system, aid the internal organs and slow the skin ageing processes down.

Name Description
(60 min/price 280 PLN)
This is a whole body toning up massage using warm oil. It is highly recommended for overweight people, those leading an active life and those in need of regeneration. The result of the massage is eliminating toxins from the body, relaxation and strong influence on muscles and other tissues.
(60 min/price 260 PLN)
Name of this massage in Sanskrit means "loving hands". This is a whole body massage. It is performed using warm oil in order to balance the energies. Abhajanga is a deeply calming and rejuvenating massage which helps to regain mental and energetic balance. The moves of the masseuse are gentle, stroking and deeply relaxing.
(35 min/cena 150 PLN)
This ritual, peeling-massage has been performed in India for the Bride before wedding. In the past it was believed that this massage cleans the Bride's thoughts from all uncertainties. The procedure soothes the nervous system, strengthens blood circulation and attracts positive energy. After this massage the skin is silky and smooth with a healthy gloss. It also brings peace of mind.
(35 min/price 130 PLN)
Mukabhyanga is a facial massage performed with warm coconut oil. This massage relaxes the facial muscles, stimulates microcirculation, improves blood flow. Prevents wrinkles, slows the aging process. Adds skin radiance, freshness and vitality.
(20 min/price 110 PLN)
Ayurvedic steam sauna. Fumes individually selected herbal blend penetrate deep into the skin, clearing it of toxins and prepare to receive the active ingredients contained in the oils and preparations for massage.

Other massages


Name Description
Classical massage (60 min./price 180 PLN)
Classical massage (30 min./price 100 PLN)
Relaxation Massage with aromatherapy (60 min./cena 160 PLN)
Relaxation Massage with aromatherapy
(30 min./cena 90 PLN)
Aromatic Body Massage with herbal Stamps (45 min./price 180 PLN)

Lipo reducing massage 

  •  thighs, buttock
 (45 min./price 140 PLN)
  • +selected part of the body
 (20 min./price 70 PLN)
  •  a series of 5 treatments (thighs buttocks)
 (price 590 PLN)
  •  a series of10 treatments thighs buttocks
 (price 990 PLN)
Acupressure's, relaxing back massage (30 min./price 100 PLN)
Chinese cupping massage  
  • thighs, buttock
(45 min./price 120 PLN)
  • selected part of the body
(20 min./price 50 PLN)
  • a series of 5 treatments (thighs buttocks)
(price 490 PLN)
  • a series of10 treatments thighs buttocks
(price 890 PLN)
BABOR Effective Touch Body (45 min./price 200 PLN)
BABOR Experience Touch (45 min./price 200 PLN)
Relaxation/Lifting Facial Massage (30 min./price 90 PLN)

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