The ritual helps to stop, rest and take a look inside yourself. Today's fast pace of life weakens our vitality, balance and disrupts the life processes. The ritual allows you to recover weakened strength and regain inner harmony. This is an exclusive combination treatments in order to intensify their beneficial effects.

We invite you on a journey that will provide you with the rebirth of vitality, full of relaxation and calm.

Rituals are an exclusive combination of procedures in order to magnify their beneficial influence. Set off for an oriental journey, which will provide you with exotic memories and make you feel like an eastern king ...

Authors rituals

Name Description
Ritual 5 Senses
(120min./price 280 PLN)

Sensual ritual SPA, allowing cleanse the body and mind and feel the deep relaxation. The ritual starts smelling body scrub, relaxing and preparing the body for further stimuli. Session in SPA capsule Jet purifies, relaxes tense muscles and makes aromatherapy massage relaxation of the body is even more effective.

Ritual Cleopatra
(70min./price 290 PLN)

Ritual tailored to the needs of delicate, feminine nature. It starts with the royal moisturizing milk bath. Is a continuation of care wrap with white clay, dedicated to sensitive skin, during which the therapist performs a relaxing face massage - massage beauties

Slenderizing Ritual
(120 min./price 310 PLN)


Ritual composed for the needs of people who would like to support your body in the fight for a beautiful figure. Body Scrub stimulates the skin, which perfectly absorbs the active ingredients and trace elements contained in firming poultice of green clay. Intensive massage helps to reduce body fat.

Oriental rituals

Name Description
Ritual Thai
(110 min./price 360PLN)

The ritual inspired by the rich philosophy of the Orient, according to which the primary objective is to achieve a state of balance and reconcile the internal - Nirvana. Total peace and bliss - that explains this concept. It should be "just" to live without restricting their freedom goals. This is Nirvana. Let us draw near to her ... In equilibrium introduces salt body scrub. Purified and oxygenated skin adopts a fully excellent detoxifying warm wrap with seaweed Laminaria. The treatment is a Thai foot massage, the technique allows to stimulate the internal organs of man. Massage gives absolute sense of inner comfort and relaxation.

Japanese Ritual
(90 min./price 330 PLN)

Like the evergreen bamboo - a synonym of vitality and continuous return, so our body after being subjected to this ritual will be renewed and deeply relaxed. Natural rice scrub cleanses and relaxes the skin. Herbal bath relaxes, regenerates and anti-inflammatory, and samurai massage fully relaxes tensions, adding energy and restore vitality. The ritual stimulates our body.

Hindu Ritual
(90 min./price 390 PLN)

Full color India is one of the oldest cultures in the world. A country full of secrets, mysteries and contrasts. Monuments from different eras, dance and music emphasize its cultural uniqueness. A multitude of techniques for health and beauty testifies to the richness and diversity of the Indian subcontinent. Let Hindu rituals to open before us the world of exotic beauty ...
Ayurveda is based on the assumption that in everything that exists there is energy called in Sanskrit pranah. Each of us has pranah three types: Vata, Pitta and Kapha in the individual and unique combination. The destruction of the balance between them is the cause of diseases. Hindu ritual uses a combination of two Ayurvedic treatments: peeling Udwartana and massage Abhyanga or hang to restore the body to balance.

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