Wellness Academy


In accordance with the philosophy of wellness, to maintain health, beauty and well-being we need harmony of soul and body, relaxation and energy.

In our Academy are waiting for your activity, which we choose so that sustainable effort affected the whole body. On the one hand he will make that you will feel relaxed from the second harmonize and raise energy levels. If this will take care of proper diet, well-being, we have guaranteed.

Therapists working at Kombornia Manor are really passionate about their specialities. They not only want to respond to your expectations but also give you the knowledge and skills necessary for staying fit and improving the quality of your life. Wellness academy classes assume the form of workshops for small groups or individual consultations.

In the fame of the Academy of Wellness you are also welcome to take advantage inFriday's events in the Wellness Zone: Pool Party Nights Sauna (see schedule).