Aqua Fitness

AQUA FITNESS is a form of physical activity which is safe for spine and enjoyable for practicing. Through it you will strengthen your muscles, slim your body and improve well-being, and above all you will spend nice time. Forget about your weight - in the water your body weight is about 90% less than on land!


Dwór Kombornia Hotel & SPA - Aqua FitnessThe training programs at the pool, in groups for adults, are held with Aqua Gymstick - a comprehensive and effective utensil gymnastic and rehabilitation.

This is an excellent training both for people with  high and low levels of efficiency. In this activity can also take part Seniors and Cardio groups.

We invite to use of a variety of physical exercise in the water, choosing them according to your needs and age.

Price list of individual classes:
1 person - 60 PLN/ 45 minut
2 persons - 40 PLN /person/ 45 minut
3 persons - 30 PLN /person/ 45 minut
4- 6 persons – 25 PLN /person/ 45 minut


  • Terms of use of Wellness Zone are defined in the Pool Regulation.
  • Renting a bath towel or robe - 9 PLN + refundable deposit of 90 PLN (for hotel guests free of charge).