ChocoWine Chocolate

We invite you to taste the unique chocolate inspired by wine.

Chocolate inspired by wine

Chocolate’s line ChocoWine is a product:
  • hand made,
  • composed only from natural ingredients,
  • with unique production’s process,
  • made based on Belgian chocolate,
  • with its tastes and flavors created in the process of aging,
  • made by fans of good taste: a connoisseur of wine and Polish Master of Confectioners.

ChocoWine, just like wine, should  be examined in terms of aroma, savored and harmony need to be evaluated. ChocoWine is also feast for the eyes, pleasant composition of colors and shapes of additives used.

The process of creating and ChocoWine chocolate itself was shown in an episode of culinary TV series
Kuchenne Rewolucje,

and Mrs. Magda Gessler, a well-known Polish culinary critic, has defined it as "an idea for your exquisite taste."

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Below we present the available flavors

About the product

ChocoWine – natural product

ChocoWine is created from scratch with natural, highest quality ingredients. Our chocolates are made by Belgian champions without any preservatives or chemical additives. Pure chocolate is combined with sugar and cocoa grease. For the aging process, we use only natural ingredients. Additives such as herbs, spices, flowers, fruits, vegetables, nuts, or honey are also natural. Fruits added to chocolate are freeze-dried products with its nutritional value preserved without the excessive loss of color. Chocolate is a hand made product.

About unique process of making

A few words about unique process of making Chocowine:

ChocoWine are chocolates reflecting fragrances and flavors of wines from different grape varieties, and contents of cocoa is adapted to the style of wine. The process of creating out chocolate is unique. Before chocolate bars are formed, we give a chocolate flavor accents in the process of aging. Flavor’s nuances are placed inside of chocolate whereas leading flavors such as fruits, herbs, spices and even mushrooms are on the top of it.

Where to buy

ChocoWine is avalable in:

Gallery in Kombornia Manor Hotel & SPA****
"Piotr i Paweł" shops in Poland
Online shop

This variety is one of the most difficult in cultivation and vinification. It is the one of those that gives a fascinating wine, witch stands in opposition to wines with a strong color and high tannin.


Riesling has become more and more successful variety, associated with white wines from Central - Western Europe.


Rose - Pink wines can be flesh-colored, salmon, pale pink, vivid and clear or even bloody.


These wines are made only in two small parts of the world - Tokaji and Sauternes.


Zinfandel gives a special wine, which reception is similar to Pinot Noir – people either love it or hate it.


Porto is a fortified wine originate from the region of the same name, in north Portugal.


Next to Grenache Noir, Syrah is the king of the Rhone Valley that gives a powerful wines such as Hermitage.


This variety is grown all over the world, but it's home is the Loire Valley and Bordeaux, where it is combined with Semillon.


The characteristic features of a bouquet of wines from this variety are the black currant, strong forest's flavors and nuances of pepper and seasoning spices.


Chardonnay - white Burgundians' queen, is the most popular variety in the world that gives the white wines.


Gewürztraminer is an aromatic wine grape variety with a hint of oriental flavors resulting from scents of lyche,rose, raspberry and red grapefruit with a touch of seasonings spices.


Merlot is a variety, which together with Cabernet Sauvignon creates Bordeaux coupage.


Moscat in Spain it's known as Moscatel in Italy as Moscato, in France as Muscat.