Polish Flavors Chocolate

We invite you to taste chocolate inspired by the flavors of herbs and cakes.

Chocolate in Polish taste

The taste of sweets has always been a synonym of a luxurious pleasure. It's hard to find better and more elegant gift than a chococate. But can chocolate still surprice sweets' connoisseurs?
This offer of unique products that are created based on a Belgian chocolate, composed on natural indgridients and handmade by the Polish Master  of Confectioners is a perfect answer to this question.

Polish Flavour's Line - it's a palet of various propositions that are quintessence of tastes and aromas that polish kitchen, garden and landscape is known for.  There, You will find special, chocolates truffles, filled with honey from carpathians beehieves and covered with powder from polish fruits. There are also chocolates inspired by taste of homemade cakes or  proposition of chocolates with herbs.

Polish Flavors chocolates are available for sale in the Online shop ChocoWine.pl

Below we present the available flavors

Natural product

Polish Flavors is created from scratch with natural, highest quality ingredients. Our chocolates are made of
Belgian chocolate without any preservatives or chemical additives. Pure chocolate is combined with sugar
and cocoa grease. For the aging process, we use only natural ingredients. Additives such as herbs, spices,
fruits, or honey are also natural. Fruits added to chocolate are freeze-dried products with its nutritional value
preserved without the excessive loss of color. Chocolate is a hand made product.

Where to buy

Polish Flavors mogą Państwo nabyć  m.in. w:

Gallery in Kombornia Manor Hotel & SPA****
"Piotr i Paweł" shops in Poland
Online shop ChocoWine.pl

This Anis, which is a traditional herb growing in Poland, is mild and has a nice aromatic.


It's forest's aroma was meant to cast out evil spirit's from superstitious houses, was a cure for snakes' bites and also prevented infections.


Herb with strong and very distinctive aroma. It has been used in cuisines from all over the world for a very long time.


The infusion of mint leaves soothes away cold and relieves indigestion and colic.


In our chocolate, in addition the traditional blend of spicy spices, taste of gingerbread underlines the addition of almond flakes, honey and apricot.


In our chocolate, Christmas' cheesecake flavor reflects the combination of white chocolate with sultan raisins and orange peel.


In our chocolate you'll find the taste of traditional apple pie thanks to additives such as apples, vanilla and cinnamon.


Truffles with honey, wrapped in fruity powder