Wine Garden Hotel***


Wine Garden Hotel *** invites You for a rest in a unique scenery of the historic manor and park complex in Kombornia. It is situated on the outskirts of Bieszczady mountains, in charming surroundings of the Carpathian landscapes, it has 10 hectares of the area, and its history dates back to the sixteenth century.

The rooms of the guesthouse are prepared in two historic buildings of the manor complex, 100 metres away from the central building of the Manor. The first one is the eighteenth century Outhouse, and the second one-the nineteenth century building of the manor stables, adjacent to the Manor Outhouse, the development of which was finished in 2014.

Visitors and Guests choosing the rooms in Wine Garden Hotel *** have the whole infrastructure at their disposal at the same time (among others gastronomic, Wellness and SPA) of the four star Kombornia Manor - Hotel & SPA****.

Friendly hotel which is only one step in the Bieszczady

Bieszczady - T. Okoniewski

Location of Manor Kombornia on the edge of the Czarnorzecko-Strzyżowskiego Landscape Park, in the Low Beskid, makes it an excellent starting point for expeditions, globe to discover cultural heritage of people, tourist attractions and natural of Podkarpacie.

Distances from Wine Garden Hotel***

to the nearest Polish-Slovak border crossing (Barwinek - Vyąný Komárnik) - 40 km
to the nearest Polish-Ukrainian border crossing (Medyka – Шeгини) - 96 km
- others: Krosno 9 km, Iwonicz 21 km, Rymanów 21 km, Dukla 24 km, Bóbrka 24 km, Sanok 37 km, Rzeszów 50 km, Solina 68 km, Przemyśl 82 km, Lwów 176 km.


We put at your disposal:

  • relaxing area in the huge park,
  • hammocks in the manor park,
  • deck chairs on the pool terrace,
  • playing field for beach volleyball and badminton,
  • bridge tables and chess,
  • board social games,
  • library,
  • guarded parking lot,
  • internet access,
  • for Children: swings in the park, slide, obstacle course, trampoline, sandpit.

During your stay, please use the following attractions (to pay extra):

  • Wellness academy classes with the Instructors ( Nordic Walking, Swimming classes, Aqua Fitness classes),
  • massages and treatments in the Kombornia Manor SPA, Cosmetic Institute,
  • bicycle hire,
  • program of an organized tours (eg the Bieszczady Mountains, Lviv, in Krosno Glassworks etc.)
  • a personal guide, and preparation of an individual program of tours via the major attractions of cultural and natural in closer and farther surroundings
  • ping pong table
  • billard table.

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Cuisine captivating with flavour

It serves the delight gourments as the ground floor, elegant area of the Manor House in the past. There is a Bar and two Restaurants: exquisite and elegant one  Magnolia Restaurant and the one opened to the park Garden Restaurant. Courses inspired by the idea of the Slow Food cuisine, in a manor historic interiors setting, serve well the pleasure of unhurried advantage of treasure of tastes waiting in the refined menu.

The Kombornia Manor cuisine integrates by flavour the European achievements of the culinary art with the traditional and regional Polish cuisine. The dishes themselves are mainly made on the basis of the local products of guaranteed quality including vegetables, fruit and herbs which find their way to the tables straight from the manor garden and orchard.  


  • 2014 - Kombornia Manor Hotel & SPA **** and Restaurant Magnolia received a "strawberry" - Quality Mark Magda Gessler
  • 2014 - Kombornia Manor Hotel & SPA **** (the only object in Podkarpacie) and Magnolia received a recommendation Gault & Millau - Michelin next one of the most renowned and influential publications of this type in the world.
  • 2015 - Kombornia Manor Hotel & SPA **** received the second "strawberry" and was again described among 151 exceptional places that enchanted well-known creator of Taste. 2
  • 2015 - Kombornia Manor HOTEL & SPA **** again as the only object of Podkarpacie was the second Polish edition of the Gault & Millau 2016
  • 2015 - Kombornia Manor Hotel & SPA **** was awarded PLACE worth recommending Gala 25th anniversary of the company Bio- cosmetics - the only distributor of the German cosmetics firm BABOR throughout Polish.

Withing the package stays in the Manor, breakfasts are served in the Garden Restaurant, whreas suppers in Magnolia Restaurant.


Swimming Pool and Wellness Zone

The Manor Orangery invites you to the Wellness Zone. During the stay, you can find here unlimited use of:

  • sports pool with three lanes for swimming, (17 meters long)
  • recreational swimming pool equipped with massage jets in the walls and bottom, air geysers and seats and sofa with air massage,
  • jacuzzi,
  • tray for children with the function of the countercurrent,
  • and fitness room.

In the Wellness Zone, you can also enjoy:

  • two dry saunas (cedar and spruce and cedar),
  • two steam baths,
  • infrared sauna,
  • Salt Cave.


SPA Dwór Kombornia

It's a unique place that apart from wide range of oriental massages and rituals specializes in using beneficial properties of wine and chocolate.
A visit to our SPA is an invitation to totally detach yourself from the daily routine and set off for a journey full of exotic fragrances, subtle music, and rejuvenating massages and rituals in which atouch of human hands and human sensitivity are most important.

Cosmetic Institute

In the Cosmetic Institute through our highly skilled cosmeticians along with the beneficial effects of exquisite cosmetics, you will experience not only luxurious face and body treatments but also harmonious destressing measures resulting in perfect wellbeing. A visit to the Institute allows also comprehensively solve problems in the field of professional face and body care based on the latest technological developments: oxybrasion, oxygen infusion, mesotherapy and head carbosyntheraphy or microdermabrasion.

Carpathian Wine Salon

Carpathian Wine Salon

Carpathian Wine Salon is located in the 18th century cellar and includes a representative collection of wines from wine regions of the Carpathians located in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Poland).

Visitors to the Salon can taste, at their own discretion, for 60 or 90 minutes all wines available for degustation.

This is the only place in Poland where you can taste wine under the temporary degustation formula and at the same time the only place where you can taste such a large variety of wines from the Carpathian Mountains. In the Salon we also arrange commented and themed wine tastings, workshops, training sessions and a wide range of other wine events.


What is interesting to visit in the near and distant surroundings?

Kombornia Manor Hotel & SPA is located on the outskirts of the Bieszczady Mountains in Kombornia. This is the ideal starting point for exploring the cultural heritage and natural attractions of the Podkarpackie Province (southeastern most region of Poland).
Recommended destinations to visit are:

  • The ruins of Kamieniec castle,
  • Prządki - Sand Monadrock Reserve,
  • Krosno – famous for cloth merchandise, Hungarian wines, and glass industry,
  • Glass Heritage Center in Krosno
  • Bobrka Museum of The Oil Industry, birthplace of the world's oil industry and home to the first oil shaft and first lighting of an oil lamp, the only museum in the active mine of "rock oil”,
  • Open Air Museum in Sanok – One of the most beautiful open air museums in Europe, presenting the cultures of Lemko, Bojko, Upperland and Lowerland peoples once populating the Carpathian borderlands,
  • Castle in Sanok - with one of the largest collections of icons and Gallery of works by Zdzislaw Beksiński
  • Wooden Churches Trail in Haczow, the largest and best preserved collection of European Gothic wooden churches, both Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic,
  • Tourist trails in Beskidy and Bieszczady mountains – the most virgin, inaccessible, and romantic mountains of Poland.

We invite you to take advantage of our proposals of excursions or others designed by personal guide, who according to your interests will prepare an individual program of excursions.



Kombornia Manor is a place where time passes slowly, the food tastes better ...

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Historic building of the manor complex (located 100 meters from the Manor). You will find in it accommodation in comfortable, inviting rooms.

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Adaptation of nineteenth-century building of the former court stables, was completed in 2014. The interior of rooms are dominated by warm colors. Wine and chocolate have been the inspiration for their colors .

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